Stove Top Espresso Latte
Prep Time:
Total Time:
A perfect cup of coffee every time, using you handheld stove top espresso maker. (Note: I prefer a Bialetti Dama Stove Top Espresso Maker.)
Serves:: 1
  • Good quality, espresso ground coffee
  • water
  • whole milk
  1. Fill the Bialetti reservoir with water, just til the water level reaches the pressure valve.
  2. Fit coffee filter into reservoir and scoop in espresso grounds, leveling off but not packing.
  3. Screw on the top of the espresso maker and set unit onto a stovetop burner over medium heat. (Make sure handle is not over the hot part.)
  4. In 4-5 minutes, you will have a ready-to-drink shot of espresso to add to your favorite coffee concoction or drink as it is!
  5. I like to pour mine over steamed whole milk or steamed hot chocolate.
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