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Hi there!

I’m glad you enjoy Pretty/Hungry and are considering placing your advertisement here.

If you think a collaboration with Pretty/Hungry might be a good fit for you, here’s what you need to know.  New blog content is published 2x per week, reaching between 400-1,000 people per day and an average of 17,000 people per month!  (Stats updated March 2015).  Content is also posted daily on my various social channels (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, & Pinterest), reaching roughly 1,500 followers.

I’d be happy to discuss a variety of collaborative opportunities with you, including (but not limited to) banner advertising, sponsorships, & giveaways.

A word to potential sponsors:

Pretty/Hungry readers seek to enrich their lives and the lives of their families by cooking healthful, affordable, & visually appealing food.  They desire balance in all areas of life, diet included, but are not interested in “quick fixes” or diet fads.  If your product, blog, or brand aligns well with those philosophies, then a collaboration with Pretty/Hungry might be a good fit!  I encourage you to connect with me via the contact form available on my Contact Page to discuss what type of collaboration might be most appropriate.  Please note that all advertising spots and sponsored post purchases must first be pre-approved to assure the product/brand reflects Pretty/Hungry’s values.


Here are the basic rates for advertising and sponsorship at Pretty/Hungry:


Premium Sidebar Ad Spot (300x300px Square)

This is the largest and most prominent ad space available for purchase.  It is located at the top of the Pretty/Hungry sidebar right below the Search Bar. It is viewable on all posts and pages and will be seen by all Pretty/Hungry visitors.  Spot available in 30-day increments.  ($32.00)


Middle Sidebar Ad Spot (300x125px Banner)

These prominent ad spaces are located in the sidebar section, between the social media sharing banners.  They are seen by all Pretty/Hungry readers as they scroll through blog content.  Ad spaces available in 30-day increments.  ($16.00)

Sponsored Post

A sponsored post will be written by me and published on the Pretty/Hungry blog just like any other post.  It is the most effective way to assure that your product/brand is highlighted and seen by all Pretty/Hungry readers.  (Notification of these new posts are sent to all Pretty/Hungry subscribers via e-mail, as well as shared to the Pretty/Hungry Facebook and Twitter accounts.)  Readers will be able to comment on the post, as well as easily share the content on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest using the available social sharing buttons.  Limited availability, sponsored posts are published 1-2 times per month.  May be purchased ahead.  ($40.00)


*Prices/availability subject to change.

*To purchase ad space on the Pretty/Hungry blog, please send your inquiry to me using this Contact Form and the subject line “Advertising.”

*If you are looking for information on collaborations not related to advertising (ie: product reviews, giveaways, guest posting, public speaking, and/or interviews) please visit the Contact Page. and send me a message with the subject line “Collaboration.”  Also please note that while I am happy to test various cooking & lifestyle products, a written review of each product is not a guarantee.  Likewise, any published reviews will reflect my honest opinions.