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About Pretty / Hungry

I’m a believer in beautiful, affordable, healthy, delicious food.  My entire life, I have loved to create… and food is truly an art form for me.  That’s why I started the Pretty/Hungry blog!

After coming through a season of life where food was one of my biggest sources of struggle, I’ve found complete healing and delicious freedom!  I’ve come to understand that we truly can “have it all” when it comes to our food.  It can look gorgeous without sacrificing taste!  It can feel indulgent without costing a fortune!  It can be decadent without being unhealthy!  I’m passionate about sharing that news with anyone who will listen.

The purpose of Pretty / Hungry is to provide you with the recipes I use, the tips I can offer for feeding your household on an affordable budget, ideas for making your food both beautiful and delicious, and a community of support for your wellness goals!

Another convenient bonus is that you get to read and feel better about the state of your home and kitchen, just by reading about my completely insufficient housekeeping skills!  Happy to be of service!  (If you need a dose of “feel better about your kitchen” medicine… just check out my White Lasagna post.  My kitchen was a real jaw-dropper that day!)

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Read. Enjoy. Create. Eat. Share!