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The Pretty/Hungry 2015 Recipe Calendar

I am beyond STOKED about this year’s Pretty/Hungry Recipe Calendar…. and today I finally get to tell you about it and open it up for pre-order.  Woohoo!!

I put out the first-ever P/H Recipe Calendar last year in 2014.  I was as excited then as I am now to unveil it because it was so fun to put my heart and soul into a special project that you could actually hold in your hands and appreciate in the flesh rather than just on the computer screen.  This year’s edition is another special collection of original recipes and photos that I think you are really going to love (some familiar and some brand new!)


The Pretty/Hungry 2015 Recipe Calendar- By Carissa Casey - Featuring original recipes and photos for every season of your year


In case you weren’t around last year to hear me wax poetic about it, my logic behind this creation is that it is two extremely functional items in one:

1) A calendar to help you keep track of your important dates/appointments

2) A seasonal cookbook- Each month features a recipe/photo that captures the flavors of that season!

(PLUS it’s pretty to look at… so actually that’s three things in one!)

I ended up giving quite a few of these as Christmas gifts last year too… because it turns out that no matter who you need to buy for, pretty much everyone needs a new calendar to kick off a new year.  I gave one to my doctor, various family members, a few mommy friends… it just seemed to fit the bill for every situation.


The Pretty/Hungry 2015 Recipe Calendar- By Carissa Casey - Featuring original recipes and photos for every season of your year!


This year’s calendar is new and improved, and available for pre-order starting TODAY!  I will begin shipping them out in November so that you have plenty of time to give them as Christmas gifts.

And this year, I’m delighted to add that it is even easier to buy your calendars…

You can, of course, buy them from me in person if you live locally and we are buddies. That is my preferred option since it takes out the “middle man” (Aka: the credit card processing company and their fun little fees.)  If you fall into the “local buddy” category, just e-mail me using this contact form and tell me how many you need.

But alternatively, if you live far away, prefer to pay with a credit card, or don’t know me personally, you can place your order right here online… Just click on the image at the bottom of this post to place your order.  It is 100% safe and super easy!

And good news: There are few little bonus features this year for those buying online…

1) You can select either “Pick Up” or “Ship” in your shopping cart, and the pick-up option is FREE!  (Note: If picking up your calendars, you will need to pre-arrange a date/time for picking up your order with me through this contact form.)  If you choose to have your calendars shipped to your home, a shipping fee of $3.25 will be applied, plus $1.25 per additional calendar you order.

2) SPECIAL OFFER –>  For orders of 4 or more calendars, you can enter the promo code 4ORMORE at checkout to receive a $5 shipping credit!  Don’t forget to do that… I want you to get your discount if you order a large quantity. :)  (Note: The 4ORMORE promo code only applies to orders of 4 or more calendars.  If you attempt to use this code on orders of 3 or fewer, your card will be charged, but your order will not be shipped.  You’ve been warned. Ha!)


on Square Market


I hope this gets you as giddy for the start of the Holiday Season as it’s getting me.  I’ve been ready for the holidays for waaaay too long this year.

Lots of Love!




7 Responses so far.

  1. kay bowen says:

    So glad you are doing this again! They were perfect Christmas gifts last year. Yes I tried almost all and they were keepers. Hmmm…now to the hard part….who will get one this year….

  2. Mallory says:

    Waaaahoo, those pictures are such great quality- I feel like my calendar needs to be in a frame this year! :)

  3. Kelly says:

    I can’t wait to order some! if only we could plan our December/Christmas budget in October… 😉

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