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So Long, Summer!

So long summer


Well, we are nearing the end of August.  And believe me, NO ONE is happier to be bidding summer farewell than this girl!  For one thing: I’m 8 months pregnant.  For another: I live in Arkansas, where it has been in the upper 90s with 200% humidity since May.  I’m itching to see those leaves change colors, fill my porch with pumpkins, sit around a bonfire, and NOT feel sweat pouring down my butt crack for a change.  (Oops, I just talked about my butt crack, which I’m certain is a major no-no in blogger etiquette.  Must be the heat!  Or baby-brain… yes, let’s blame baby brain.)

Anyway, unless you are a student starting a new school year right about now, I’m guessing you are just as anxious as I am to say “So Long!” to summer.

Before we do that, though, I thought it might be fun to round up some summertime deliciousness from around the web to share with you!  I suppose I can begrudgingly admit that summer isn’t all bad.  It isn’t all mosquitoes and sunburn and butt crack sweat (ok, that was the last time, I promise)… it’s also the season where garden produce is abundant and tomatoes are better than candy!  It’s a season to call friends, and grill out, and float on a raft at the lake.  And it is a season to celebrate good food, that is for sure!

If you haven’t been taking full advantage of summer’s finest flavors, it’s time to get cookin’ before the frosty weather sets in!  Here is some inspiration to get your juices flowing. :)  Some of these recipes are from Pretty/Hungry, and others are recipes I’ve spotted elsewhere on the internet that I’m dying to sink my teeth into!

First, some summery savory ideas:


Summer Recipe Round-Up- Savory delights to capitalize on summer's best produce~

1. Peach Basil Pizza with Balsamic Reduction

2. Bruschetta with Charred Goat Cheese

3. Herbed Heirloom Tomato & Cheese Tart

4. Rigatoni with Fresh Tomato Basil Vinaigrette

5. Garden Pesto (both traditional and vegan versions!)


And now, for the summery sweets:

Summer Recipe Round-Up - Sweet ideas to capitalize on summer's best produce!


1. Stone Fruit Tarts with Coconut Pastry Cream (recipe and photo via Inspiring the Everyday)

2. Simple Peach Basil Preserves (sweetened with honey and vanilla!)

3. Summer Plum Crostata (recipe and photo via Food & Wine)

4. The silkiest-ever Strawberry Sorbet (recipe and photo via Use Real Butter)


So what say we enjoy a few more weeks of summer food before we dive into everything pumpkin?  I promise you that when September arrives, I’ll be the first one to hop on the bandwagon!  :)

Also, stay tuned this weekend… I have a fun post planned about the age-old art of bringing meals to new neighbors, sick friends, and new mommies.  It’ll include all the tips and helpful recipe ideas you need to become a food-bringing expert!

Happy end of August!




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    hahahahaha, didn’t expect (and totally loved) that you went there! 😀

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