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My Pick for Photos, Web Design, and Creative Consulting!

I want to introduce you to a very good friend of mine today…



This handsome dude is Zach Cheatham, and I’ve actually mentioned him numerous times on the blog before (like here when I showed you our maternity pictures, or here when I showed you my new business card design!)

If I’m being truthful, I’d have to admit to you that I’m a little obsessed with Zach’s talents as a digital artist and photographer.  I’ve asked him to take pictures of pretty much every major life milestone our family has had… Heck, I probably would’ve invited him into the delivery room when Elsa was born if that weren’t a semi-awkward request.  So what did I do?  I invited his wife in there instead!



Today, instead of just giving Zach photo credit in a little caption, I actually get the opportunity to dish a bit about him, since he happens to be Pretty/Hungry’s newest brand partner!! (Notice his spiffy new sidebar ad in the top right corner of my site.)

So here’s what I want to tell you about Zach.  It’s my highest praise, really.  I could go on and on about his impressive skill set and technical expertise in web design, photography, and 3d graphics… but in my humble opinion, none of that technical skill matters if one doesn’t have an artist’s eye.  I know waaay too many “designers” and “photographers” (please read those words while visualizing the “air quotes” I intend to accompany them) who call themselves designers and photographers because they know how to work a camera or can navigate Design Studio on their Mac.  Ginormous *eye-roll.*  Pardon my passionate and somewhat indignant attitude on the subject, but true artistic talent is a gift as well as a honed-skill… and technical ability does not an artist make.

Zach has the highly-coveted combination of being a born artist who also happens to be very technologically skilled (which is a combo I’m extremely envious of, as it would make running this blog a heckuvah lot easier!)

In my case, I’ve mostly worked with Zach as a photography client, and I will readily admit that I tend to be very specific (some would say picky) about the way I want certain life-events or concepts captured in photographs.  In Zach’s case though, I always have complete trust that he will not only deliver spectacular, well-composed, high quality images… but that he will also edit them in perfect taste.  (Know any photographers who seem to be experts at butchering their photos during post-processing?  I sure do!  *Another ginormous eyeroll.*)

But aside from his photography, Zach is also a successful web designer, digital artist, and creative consultant!  He has been a great resource for me throughout my blogging journey since his design talents extend beyond print work and into techo-land.  So for those of you who follow the Blogging: Behind the Scenes series… know that Zach is very often the wind beneath my blogging wings.


Z-Axis Web Design and Creative Consulting

Click Here for a showcase of some of Zach’s most recent projects!


I thought it might be fun to show you a little gallery of my favorite images that Zach has captured/created over the years.  (And I’m not limiting myself to only the shots he’s taken of my family… some of these are of other people too!  I’m betting you won’t be able to tell the difference between the photos and the digital drawings.  That’s how good he is!)

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, I figured I’d let these pictures speak for themselves. :)  But seriously, doesn’t the phrase “in perfect taste” come to mind??


(These last two are actually 3d digital renderings… not photos!  Mind-blowing, isn’t it?)


Be sure to swing by Z-AxisCreative and check out more of Zach’s killer portfolio. You can also follow him on Facebook!



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