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Swanky New Business Cards!

Happy 4th of July, dear friends!

This is one of my favorite holidays ever.  :)  (Though I may be biased because it happens to fall one day after the 3rd of July, which is my birthday, which always makes for an extra fun couple of days for this girl!)

As we speak I am enjoying a getaway at our family’s very rustic lakeside cabin in Nowhere, Arkansas.  (Ok, technically the town is called Hardy… but same thing.)  It is a really fun place to be.  Relaxing… peaceful… a perfect opportunity to practice being present in the moment and being grateful for God’s simplest and most profound gifts.  I look forward to it all year!



So since I’m out of town and blissfully free from my cooking responsibilities for a few days, I thought it would be fun to show you my new business cards instead of a recipe today!

I can envision some of you giving me funny looks already… so let me just head you off at the pass and say that if you find it odd that a blogger would need business cards, I am right there with you.  I’ve managed to avoid getting them for nearly 5 years now!  I, like so many, did not see “blogging” as a serious career, just my creative outlet.  But this year has changed all that… and now blogging is, in fact, my at-home career.  (Though of course it comes second to my two most important jobs: Being a wife and mommy!)  Some of you might be interested in reading the series I wrote about my blogging journey, called Blogging: Behind the Scenes.  My hope is that the tips there will benefit those of you who are fellow bloggers and would like to take your blog from “creative outlet” to “career” as well!

Anyway, I love what I do!  Cooking, photographing, and writing for this blog is so much fun!  And although I try not not be annoyingly over-evangelistic about Pretty/Hungry in social settings, you’d be surprised how often I find myself in situations where new acquaintances ask about it.  On our trip to Cancun, at the grocery store, at my doctor appointments, community bible study, even at a funeral most recently… when people find out I write a cooking blog, they are usually surprisingly interested to know more.  (And then ensues the awkward scramble for a scrap of paper upon which to write down the URL, and so on and so forth.)  So I decided enough was enough!

I enlisted the help of a designer for this project… a very talented friend named Emily Wilson, who I’ll be properly introducing to you very soon (as she is also Pretty/Hungry’s newest brand partner!)  She helped me pull together exactly the chic design I was hoping for.  I also asked my favorite local photographer to take my photo for the cards.  Lastly, I asked for advice on my Facebook page about which photo to use as the official card photo.

And here is the finished card…


My New Business Cards!  |  prettyhungryblog.com


Now, admittedly this was not the Facebook crowd’s #1 choice of photos… but it was up there.  The most popular photo (by a landslide) just didn’t seem quite right to me.  It looked too “model-y” while this one looks more like me.  So that’s why I went with this one in the end.

I’m super happy with the finished cards!  And I’m especially glad simply to have them.  No more fumbling to write the web address on a napkin… no more awkward attempts to explain what my blog is about.  I now have a succinct and easily-accessible way to tell people about it and help them find it. :)  Can you tell I’m pumped?

Thanks for the help in narrowing down the final photo, and thanks for the constant encouragement you all are to me!  I really do take great pride in our little community of food enthusiasts, and I love the fact that this blog has helped me get to know such an awesome group of people.

One last thing:  If you live in the Little Rock area, mark your calendars for July 22nd!  I’ll be speaking publicly that night on the topic of Stretching Your Family Budget.  I’m a big believer in taking control of our spending habits so that our money can go further to bless our families and bless others!  I’ve seen it do remarkable things for my own character, as well as for my family.  I’m looking forward to the chance to meet some of you, if we haven’t had the opportunity yet. :)  The event is free to the public and will be held at Little Rock Church (10701 Baseline Rd) at 7:00pm.

Have a blessed holiday in every way!






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  1. Liz says:

    Thank you Carissa. Happy 4th to you and your family.

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