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This is no ordinary cupcake…



No indeed, this is no ordinary cupcake!

My husband and I got sneaky and decided to make an appointment to find out early what kinda baby we’re having! ūüėČ

I’m actually 17 Weeks today, but we found out last Thursday, when I was 16 weeks along. ¬†Normally, my doctor does his anatomy scan around 18 weeks… but Chris wouldn’t have been able to come to that appointment with me because of work. ¬†So we took matters into our own hands.


Gender Reveal Cupcakes, simple and scrumptious recipe


But that wasn’t the only sneaky thing we did… hehehe! ¬†We also decided not to tell ANYone we were finding out early. ¬†That way we could spring the surprise on our unsuspecting family members at a family dinner that was coming up over the weekend. ¬†Perfect!


I won’t drag out the suspense any longer. ¬†Baby Casey #2 ¬†is a…

Gender Reveal Party


Sorry this picture is dingy and hard to see. ¬†Hopefully you can tell that filling in Mallory’s cupcake is pink.:)

So Ava Lynette Casey it is!

She’s doing wonderfully according to the ultrasound, and is ALL girl!


Gender Reveal Party!


So our sweet little family of three will be joined by another girl in October.  God is good.


Elsa is definitely about to have her world rocked… but for the better! ¬†That girl is the Queen of the Universe right now, and no one needs that kind of attention for too long. ¬†Haha!

In case you missed my pregnancy announcement or would like to see the maternity pictures we had taken last time we were pregnant, you can find that post here! ¬†I’m in love with those maternity pictures… Zach Cheatham did such a good job, as always. ¬†Also, I do a weekly “Bumpdate” over on my personal blog, if you’re into that sort of thing. ¬†I know I am. :)


Here is the link for the amaaazing Vanilla Bean Cupcake¬†recipe I used for these Gender Reveal Cupcakes, and here’s the recipe¬†for this killer (and I mean killer) Chocolate Buttercream. ¬†I could (and do) eat this stuff with a spoon at times! ¬†And I am not ashamed. ¬†It is Heaven.


One last thing… I’ve started to notice some recurring questions coming through in my comments section, Facebook messages, and e-mails. ¬†So I’ve decided to write a “Dear Carissa” post where I can answer them all in one place! ¬†If you have a burning question you’ve never asked… or maybe you’ve asked it and I never answered (Sorry! I do try…) then please send it my way this week. ¬†It can be a food question, a budget question, a question about preventative mastectomy, or even about grief recovery… in other words, the world is your oyster! ¬†Ask away! ¬†You can use the Contact Form here on the blog, or send a private message via Facebook, or e-mail me at ccprettyhungry@gmail.com. ¬†Excited to hear from you!

Have a blessed week.


The Casey Clan of Four


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  1. Kimmy says:

    AWWW yay!! So so happy for you! Elsa and Ava. I just love it. Perfect name!

  2. Mallory says:

    Yeah, those first-born girls can let it get to their heads sometimes… they need a little sister to help straighten ’em out! ūüėČ

  3. Chichi Dodoo says:

    Congratulations!!! Love the gender reveal cupcake

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