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Guest Post for Money Saving Mom: Cinnamon Maple “Cereal Crumb” Muffins

Can I hear a shout out from fellow lovers of Crystal Paine, the “Money Saving Mom“?

I love all of Crystal’s tips, coupons, e-mails, and blog posts.  They’ve been very helpful to me as I’ve embarked on this journey of overhauling our family’s spending habits.  Do you know she will even e-mail you a weekly list of the best deals for your local stores (including links to the coupons for them?)  She basically takes out all the leg work for you.  It is awesome!

Not only has Crystal herself helped me, but I’ve been inspired by other guest posters and commenters on her site.  If you thought my $50-bucks-a-week grocery budget was low… wait til you see what some other ladies are able to do with even less!  Reading the stories and testimonies of other budgeting mommies always helps me get over my griping and be grateful for the money we do have to spend on our groceries!

Today I have the honor of guest-posting for Money Saving Mom about one of my favorite ways to use up “cereal crumbs.”  That’s right, the dust that collects at the bottom of your cereal boxes at the end of the week.  I don’t throw that away.  (Yes.  I am a crazy woman.)

Pop on over there to read my guest post, would ya?  And feel free to Share, Pin, or Tweet the post.  (I’d love to bless Crystal in return for featuring me today!)


Pretty/Hungry on Money Saving Mom-  Cinnamon Maple “Cereal Crumb” Muffins


Cinnamon Maple "Cereal Crumb" Muffins- From Pretty/Hungry Budget Series  |  MoneySavingMom Guest Post




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