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How I “MacGyvered” Together a Quiche for Company at the Last Minute!

I’m honored and excited to be guest-posting over at MoneySavingMom.com today!  If you’ve not heard of it yet, Crystal’s site is a fantastic resource for anyone looking for creative solutions to cut excess spending in your life!   My featured article is about a creative breakfast idea I had a few weeks ago.

I found myself with last-minute overnight company, very few breakfast items to offer, and zero left in that week’s grocery budget.

So I had to get a little creative…

And the result was this fantastic quiche!

The secret ingredient I used to throw together a fabulous quiche on the cheap!


Click the link below to check out my guest post over at Money Saving Mom to see what the secret budget-friendly ingredient was!

How I Made Do With What I Had When We Had Unexpected Guests

P.S. Quite a few people have asked me where I found this awesome tart dish!  I love it because it makes even humble offerings like this makeshift quiche look extra special.  :)  I got it on Amazon.  Here’s the link!




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  1. Mallory says:

    It’s cool to see all the feedback to you from strangers on the other blog! You need to tell that lady to use your affiliate link to get that rectangle tart pan too!!

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