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My Radio Interview during 96.5’s “Race for the Cure” Coverage

If you’re a long-time Pretty/Hungry reader, then you have probably gleaned context clues here and there about the monumental life-changes that this year has brought for me and my family.  If you’re new around here, then you have no idea what I’m talking about.  :)

Some of you know that I lost my mother to cancer at a young age.  And perhaps you also know that this year, I made the decision to seek genetic testing to find out if I am predisposed to breast cancer myself.  In February, we learned that (unfortunately) I am.  So we took drastic action, and in May, I underwent a bilateral mastectomy.

My Story:  BRCA testing for the breast cancer gene


I was approached by Jessica Ray of 96.5 The Voice a while back about being interviewed for a segment that would air during Little Rock’s Race for the Cure this month.  And I’m excited that 96.5 has graciously provided me with the live audio from that interview so that I can share it with all of you!  She even asked me about the Pretty/Hungry blog during the interview… way cool!

Many of my friends and loved ones missed hearing the segment because of a last-minute schedule change.  (It aired at 8:00am instead of 8:30, as previously planned.)

So if you missed it, here it is!  I know we normally focus on food around here… but I thought that sharing my story would be meaningful for you all, especially if your life ends up taking you on a similar journey someday.  As always, I welcome all your thoughts and comments!  Do you know anyone who has undergone similar testing or made similar preventative decisions in their own life?

*Note: If you’d like to skip the intro, the beginning of the interview is at the 3:00 mark on the recording below.


My Story: BRCA Testing, Mastectomy, & Reconstruction

Feeling great and awaiting my 4th (and final) surgery to finish the reconstruction!




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  1. Emily cheatham says:

    WOW! I’m so glad you posted this! How did Jessica Ray find out about your story? Did you submit your story or something?

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