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Welcome to the New Blog!

Hi there  :)

I’m so happy you’ve found the Pretty/Hungry Blog.

Perhaps you discovered us on Pinterest or Facebook… or maybe you followed us over from wordpress.com where this Pretty/Hungry journey of mine began about three years ago.  Wherever you’ve come from, I’m delighted you are here!


I’m Carissa, and this is where I share my recipes, photos, and musings.  Here we’ll talk about cooking, about  family life, about health & fitness, about maximizing your grocery budget, and most of all… about creating food that is everything it should be!  Delicious, healthful, visually-appealing, affordable, and a celebration of life!

Welcome to Pretty/Hungry!

You can use the Search Bar at the top right ↗ to look for ingredients or recipes you’d like to cook at home.

You can also use the Main Menu at the top ↑ of every page to search for posts within a specific category.  Some of my favorite categories are Desserts & Budget!  (Both are topics that interest me endlessly.)

To the right → you’ll find a place to Subscribe to future Pretty/Hungry posts simply by entering your e-mail address.  No spam or unwanted junk mail… just yummy updates whenever this blog publishes something new!

Near the top of the Home Page, you’ll find links to my About page, Info on how to contact me, and some of my favorite kitchen products!

Also worth noting, you will find buttons at the top of every page & post that allow you to Pin, Share, or Tweet recipes you like!  That way you never have to worry about forgetting where you found them.  :)

*One final note for those who have been long-time Pretty/Hungry readers.  Any Pins you have already pinned to your Pinterest boards contain a link to the old Pretty/Hungry site.  Soon that site will be deactivated, and in the meantime it is redirecting viewers here.  Pinterest does not like re-directs as it worries they are spam… so here is a very simple way to update your Pinterest pins so that they’ll link to the right place and remain active!

Simply hover over the Pin you wish to edit & click the little pencil icon in the upper right corner.

Ex. pin update example

An Edit window will open up!  Near the bottom is a line labeled “Source,” which contains a link to the old Pretty/Hungry website.

All you have to do is change a few letters of this line!  Highlight the portion of the URL that reads “girl.wordpress” …

Ex.Pinterest Edi1

 …And change it to “blog”, save changes,  and voila!

Pin Updated!


Pinterest Edit 2~

I look forward to all the fun to come, and I’m so happy you’re hear to be a part of it!


*Note- If you have a personal blog and are thinking of moving to your own self-hosted site, congratulations!  What an exciting step in your journey.  :)  I can personally recommend Bluehost hosting services.  They were extremely helpful to me as I worked through the process of moving and re-designing my site.  I was thrilled to be assigned a personal account manager I can call during workdays, and to have a tech support team available 24/7 for other times.  Bluehost rocks!


4 Responses so far.

  1. Donna says:

    Congrats Carissa! So happy for you! Love your site…keep up the good work. :-)

  2. Kimberly Amack says:

    Beautiful! Congrats my friend!