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Something Special For the Holidays…

{Update: Next year’s 2015 Recipe Calendars are available NOW for pre-order here.)


I have something suuuuper exciting to share with you today!

I have been a busy little bee working on a special Pretty/Hungry project to roll out for the holidays… and today I can finally give you a sneak peek.

A Pretty/Hungry Year- 2014 Calendar featuring recipes and photos by Carissa Casey: Author of the Pretty/Hungry Blog

A Pretty/Hungry Year-  2014 Wall Calendar Featuring Recipes & Photos by Carissa Casey: Author of the Pretty/Hungry Blog

This calendar is a special collection of some of my favorite Pretty/Hungry recipes, hand-selected and photographed by yours truly. :)  Each month features a scrumptious seasonal dish and full color photo.  I like to think of this as a mini-cookbook of sorts, with the fun added function of being a calendar!   Two wonderfully useful items in one!


I happen to love calendars, because I’m a bit of a planning nut (in case you didn’t already know that.)  I’m fanatical about keeping my appointments and activities logged on a calendar… it keeps me sane.  And what a perfect Christmas gift, since just about everyone needs a fresh calendar every New Year!  That’s why I’ve been busting my booty to complete the calendar in time for the upcoming Holiday Season.  In my family alone, I can think of 10 people who could use a calendar for Christmas.  Spoiler alert, Dad!  Now you know at least one of your gifts this year.

But a calendar that doubles as recipe inspiration??  That’s just downright NEAT.

I had so much fun choosing these recipes and photographing them for this calendar.  I know you’ll enjoy them!  There’ll be soup in the winter, strawberries in the summer, and even potatoes for St. Patty’s in March!

There are a few recipes on the calendar you may have seen here on the blog before, but I’ve also made sure to include some never-before-posted recipes for an added bonus.  What fun!

A Pretty/Hungry Year- 2014 Recipe Calendar Featuring Recipes & Photos by Carissa Casey: Author of the Pretty/Hungry Blog


The calendars will be shipped in November so that you have plenty of time to wrap them if you’re buying them as gifts, but feel free to place your order starting today!  The cost is $12.50 each + shipping.  There are two ways to order the Pretty/Hungry 2014 recipe calendar.  Just use either of the methods listed below:

1)      Use this link and purchase your calendar(s) through Etsy!

*If you live locally (or anywhere we’ll cross paths before the holidays… Little Rock, Missouri, Memphis, Searcy, etc.) let me know!  I can give you a coupon code for free shipping, and you can pick up your order in person and save on shipping!


2)      E-mail me your order at ccprettyhungry@gmail.com!

*Let me know how many calendars you need and I’ll send you mailing info for your payment.  Easy-peasy!  Same shipping rules apply for this option, meaning you can pay a few bucks for me to ship your order to you, OR you can plan to meet up with me sometime before Christmas and pay NO shipping.

A Pretty/Hungry Year- 2014 Wall Calendar Featuring Recipes & Photos by Carissa Casey: Author of the Pretty/Hungry Blog

I hope you enjoy this calendar and the recipes inside as much as I have enjoyed designing them for you!  Each dish has my complete seal of approval and 100% guarantee of deliciousness. :)  Oh, and just for fun, here’s the letter that gets sent out with each calendar.  Lots of Love!

A Pretty/Hungry Year - 2014 Recipe Calendar featuring recipes & photos by Carissa Casey: Author of the Pretty/Hungry Blog






Hello and Happy Holidays to you!

I’m Carissa Casey, author of the Pretty/Hungry Blog, and artful cooking is one of my greatest passions.  I love the creative process of taking flavor, texture, color, and line and creating an edible masterpiece.

In a world of perfectly plastic fondant cakes and grocery store produce waxed to a sparkling sheen… we seem to have forgotten that we do not have to sacrifice the way our food tastes to achieve beautiful presentation.  In fact, I believe we can make food that is not only elegant and tasty, but affordable and healthy too!  I am on a mission to share that awesome news with the world.

Each of these recipes is crafted with love and designed to delight both your eyes and your taste buds!  Nothing adds joy to a celebration quite like the food around which we gather.  I hope that by bringing these recipes into your home this year and sharing them with the ones you love, you too will be filled with joy.

For full step-by-step tutorials of these recipes and many more, visit www.prettyhungryblog.com.

Happy Creating,





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  1. Kimmy says:

    Awesome!!!! Can’t wait! xo

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  6. elizabeth says:

    what a fun idea!!

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  9. How did you create them? Curious to do something similar, and how sucessful in terms of seeing its worth?

    • Carissa says:

      I used Vistaprint. It was a very profitable product for me, but I suppose it all depends on how much exposure you have. Good luck!

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