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In Honor of Valentines Day… 10 Food-Related Things I Love!

It’s Valentines Day, and I guess you could say I’m in the spirit!

Valentine Baby


So I thought I’d compile a little list for you of Food-Related Things I Love!  I could’ve rattled on forever and probably created a Top 100 list with very little effort… but I capped it at ten.  In no particular order:

1) Browned Butter- Ever had it before?  So rich and nutty!  Here’s a recipe that’s a great starting point if it’s a new flavor to you.


(Photo Credit to SweetPeasKitchen!)

2) Coconut Oil–  No, I’m not so ape for this stuff that I rub it on my feet and condition my hair with it.  But MAN does it taste good in baked goods!  Yum Yum Yum Yum Yum.  I especially like it replacing some of the butter in banana bread.


3) Immersion Blenders– They rock baby! I use em’ for soup, mashed cauliflower, and so much more!


4) Cooking with my Baby- See that greedy little booger reaching for my cream?

Chocolate Mousse Cake Ingredients

5) Cheat Days!- Husband and I are designating Valentine’s Day as a “cheat on the diet” day… and I daresay we are far more excited about the food than about any big romantic plans!  I’m making a special Bread Pudding for dessert :)

6) Waiting for the perfect natural light, getting out my tripod, setting up some lovely dishes, angling my reflector… then having my gorgeous dessert turn out looking like two blobs of goo.  (This one is sarcastic, FYI.)

Chocolate Mousse Cake

7) This Melissa & Doug Picnic Set– So cute for my little girl to play with!


8) Breastfeeding!  (Forgive me, it seems I’m a little too eager to talk about this topic.)

9) This Chocolate Pie.  I eat it almost daily.  And since it’s so healthy, I can! (250 calories per slice if you don’t add the whipped cream, and lots of protein.)

Chocolate Pie

10) The fact that Pinterest is so chock-full of crazy drink concoctions that will supposedly give you this body (see below), simply by drinking spinach mixed with vinegar and honey.  It really gives me a laugh!  Trust me darling, this chick works out for hours a day and takes Creatine.  Whether she drinks grapefruit juice, green tea extract, or some other miracle-drink is really a minor detail.  (And here’s a little tip for ya… looking for a miracle drink?  Try WATER!)


Happy Valentine’s Day!  Sending LOVE to each and every one of you!


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