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White Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding + a Photo Re-Vamp!

This year, our Valentine’s Day was all about indulgence.  And WHAT is more indulgent than bread pudding?

I’ll answer that.  Nothing.  It is my husband’s favorite dessert.  I make it in about a million different flavor combinations and we love them all.

White Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding

I’ve made bread pudding for this blog before, but one thing I’ve really begun to enjoy is re-shooting recipes I’ve blogged about in the past.

I blogged about my bread pudding back in 2011 (you can see that original post here.)  And as hard as I tried to make that dish look appetizing at 9 pm under the fluorescent lighting of my kitchen, it was a lost cause.  Surprised?  If you know anything about photography (which I didn’t) then you are not surprised at all.

But it has been great fun to practice and expand my skills over time!  I’m still an amateur and these newer photos still have some flaws which of course I won’t be pointing out.  But I think we can all appreciate that the pudding looks somewhat edible and isn’t neon yellow.  :)

I’ve had a lot of people tell they that they aren’t bread pudding fans… but incidentally, a lot of the people who’ve told me that later reveal that they haven’t tried it.  Admittedly, the name doesn’t scream “sophistication.”  And at first glance, you might assume the texture would be unpleasant.  But you would be wrong!  Bread pudding is a silky, rich, magical thing!  It’s basically a larger, fancier version of French Toast.  So how could that be bad?

And you can’t beat a dessert that uses up old stale bread that would otherwise be thrown away.



This one is White Chocolate & Raspberry, which is Chris’s and my particular favorite.  Hope I’ve convinced you to at least give it a try!  Maybe for Valentine’s Day???


P.S. This recipe can be adapted in a million ways.  Here’s a blueberry white chocolate version that is delicious as well!  Also, sometimes we like to eat our bread pudding with a drizzle of pure maple syrup, and other times I whip up a batch of this sinful Espresso Butter Glaze.  (To DIE for.)


Blueberry White Chocolate Bread Pudding with Espresso Butter Glaze


I am including the Espresso Butter Glaze recipe below in case you’d like to try that.  I highly recommend it!


White Chocolate Raspberry Bread Pudding


4 Cups cubed stale bread (sourdough and french are my favorite!)

6 eggs

2 Cups heavy cream or half & half

1/2 Cup sugar + 3 T. brown sugar

1 tsp vanilla

1/4 tsp. cinnamon

1/4 tsp. salt

1 Cup white chocolate chips, divided (And although I pride myself on not being a food snob… I must say that Ghirardelli brand really are better in this recipe!  Really!)

1 small container of fresh raspberries (or one Cup frozen, thawed & drained.)

1 packet of Sugar In The Raw (aka: sanding sugar), for dusting

2 Tbs. melted butter

Maple Syrup, optional


Butter an 8×8 in. baking dish. Set aside.

Place the cubed bread in a single layer on a cookie sheet and dry out in a 350 oven for about 6 minutes.  Set aside.

In a large mixing bowl, whisk together all ingredients except the white chocolate, raspberries, raw sugar, butter, & maple syrup.

In a small, microwave-safe bowl, melt 3/4 C. of the white chocolate chips in the microwave.  (Important Note: Heat the chocolate in increments of 25 seconds, stirring in between, to prevent burning.  Chocolate will likely be fully melted by your third stir.)

Take 1/2 cup of the egg mixture and quickly whisk it into the melted chocolate to help temper the eggs and prevent scrambling.  Then add the white chocolate to the large bowl of the egg/cream mixture.  Whisk to combine.

Add in the bread cubes and gently stir to coat.  Allow bread cubes to soak in the custard for at least 30 minutes.  Meanwhile, preheat oven to 375.

Gently fold the raspberries and the remaining 1/4 C. of white chocolate chips into the bread pudding mixture.  Pour into buttered baking dish.  Pour melted butter evenly over the top, then sprinkle with the packet of raw sugar.

Bake at 375 for about 40-45 minutes.  Pudding will not be completely set but should not be soupy.  If the top starts becoming too brown, cover with foil and return to the oven to finish baking.

Serve plain or drizzled with maple syrup!

Espresso Butter Glaze

6 Tbsp. unsalted butter, melted

1 shot brewed espresso (or 1 Tbsp instant espresso, dissolved in 1 Tbsp. hot water)

2 C. powdered sugar

1/2 tsp. vanilla

1/4 C. milk

1/2 tsp. salt

Whisk all ingredients together until smooth, and drizzle over warm bread pudding for a delicious added depth and sweetness.




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  2. Okay…so I had some ciabatta rolls that had been left unsealed by somebody in my family, and they immediately became rock hard. I didn’t want to throw them out when there was so much, so I chopped/crumbled them up and made this, with some slight alterations….

    – I didn’t really measure the raspberries – and I probably should have, because when you add a lot of tart raspberries you tend to get pockets of raspberryness. Which wouldn’t have been so bad if there’d been some sugar to balance out the tart.

    – When I tried adding the eggs to the white chocolate chips, the white chocolate chips hardened up and stuck to the bowl. It was kind of a pain to get off. I wound up dumping in more chocolate chips to make up for it (not that MORE chocolate is ever a bad thing…). The sugar kept wanting to clump in at the bottom too, which was a pain. But I was also stirring everything by hand, since it was 2 a.m. and I didn’t want to wake my family up. Using a mixer would probably work a lot better.

    – My bread did not want to soak up the custard. It wanted to float. Eventually I just poured the whole thing into my baking pan, put a sheet of plastic wrap over the top, and set a smaller baking dish on top of it to weigh it down. Worked great after that!

    Anyway – the verdict from my family was “awesome.” The verdict from me was “pretty good but add some sugar to the raspberries or measure them out or something because that’s really tart” (I’m not a fan of really tart). I would definitely like to do some variations on this though – dark chocolate, or strawberries, or who knows what.

    • I absolutely recommend eating it served with maple syrup because that perfects the level of sweetness for those who prefer it a bit sweeter. I love tart so I just use a little!

      I wish I had a foolproof tip for how to prevent the chocolate from hardening when you add the eggs to it… but that can tend to happen so my best advice is to work quickly. I’ve also found that melting the chocolate with a little bit of coconut oil added in helps soften the texture and it tastes delicious!

    • It helps to leave the eggs out and let them adjust to room temperature before you add the eggs to the chocolate! Just a little help I figured I’d pass along. I am planning to make this tonight to send to work with my husband. I’m going to be sending it with an amaretto cream sauce! I’m so excited. Thank you for the recipe!

    • Gigi says:

      I’m so glad I read this comment, Kate! It made me extra aware about the eggs/chocolate mixture and the sweetness. So for the chocolate problem, I just added the egg mixture one tablespoon at a time and mixed it very quickly (kind of when you add milk to gravy) and then kept adding more until it looked ready. It really worked! And for the sweetness, I melted some sugar and put it at the bottom of the pan and then poured the mixture on top of that. It was so, so, SO delicious! We had it still warm and with a scoop of vanilla ice cream, my husband’s way. We absolutely loved it.
      Once again, thank you so much, Carissa!

      • Carissa says:

        Sounds amazing!! And also since this post I’ve found that if I slowly pour the melted chocolate into the egg mixture while whisking fast, I can keep the chocolate from hardening. Also, Gigi, your method of gradually adding the egg mixture to the melted chocolate should work great. AND I agree with thepintsizedmayo that it helps if the eggs aren’t freezing cold! (All great suggestions.) SO glad you made this and loved it. We do too! Making it tomorrow, in fact!

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  5. The first time I ever had bread pudding it was in home ec in middle school. Needless to say, it wasn’t good and I wrote it off as something I just didn’t like…. Until this winter. I was persuaded to try a bread pudding which was very similar to this one, and it was AMAZING! I’m excited to try this!! Since I haven’t been eating wheat, I’m going to try it with gluten-free bread and see how it goes! (With raspberries and white chocolate, I’m not really sure that it could go wrong :) )

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  9. I recently made my first bread pudding as a Father’s Day gift for an older gentleman who’s a good friend of ours. He kept telling me how much he just LOVES bread pudding and so I found a recipe that looked like a fairly classic recipe and went with it. I had always figured the stuff had to be kind of gross but I tasted a bit of the batch I made for him and to my surprise, it was amazingly delicious! I want to make it again for my own family to enjoy. And I also would love to try this recipe too. It looks divine!

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