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Killer Breakfast Pizza!

Um… HOW have I waited this long to share this recipe with you guys?

Breakfast Pizza~

You’ll notice that in all the process photos of this breakfast pizza, there is wrapping paper, ribbon, and just miscellaneous crap in the background.  That is because it was the Christmas season when I made this dish… and it was Brunch Potluck Day at our church.  (Meaning I did not have the time nor the inclination to spruce up the house for the sake of my photos.)  It was all about bringing a seriously delicious main dish to the potluck.  And since I made this the morning of church, cleaning up was out of the question.

Thanks for understanding!

Now let me tell you about this breakfast pizza.  YUM!  This is such a terrific main dish for a big breakfast or brunch.  It’s a step outside the “norm” of breakfast casserole or quiche, and the crowd will gobble it up, I tell you.

Due to my hurry, I wasn’t able to snap step-by-step photos of the gravy making process, so hopefully this little bulleted list of steps will suffice.

1) Brown up a roll of breakfast sausage in a skillet.  Use a slotted spoon to scoop out the meat, reserving it for later.  Leave grease in the pan.
2) Sprinkle in about 1/2 C. flour and blend it into the grease with a flat whisk, forming a paste.  (Flat whisks are indispensable for gravy and sauce-making.  Here‘s the one I like!)
3) Add about 3 C. of milk or cream, whisking constantly to prevent lumping.
4) Allow gravy to boil and bubble gently as it thickens for 4-8 minutes.  Add more milk as needed to thin out.
5) Add meat back in, and add salt and black pepper to taste.  (If making gravy for breakfast pizza, keep half the meat set aside.)

Gravy really is a simple thing.  The method takes some practice but the ingredients are super straight-forward.

Once you have your delicious gravy all prepared… it gets spread onto the pizza crust to form the “sauce.”

Gravy for Breakfast Pizza(P.S. This is my homemade pizza dough!  SO delicious :)  Find the recipe here.  Make sure you pre-bake it a bit before topping it… that way when you put it back into the oven to brown the toppings, you can put it directly on the rack and crisp up the bottom perfectly!)


Next, scramble up about 8 eggs.  Keep them soft because the oven will finish them off.  And make sure you salt and pepper them or it’ll just ruin your pizza.  Ruin it!  (J/K, LOL… But seriously.)  Sprinkle the eggs evenly onto the pizza along with any remaining sausage.

Breakfast Pizza with Eggs and Sausage~

Grate up some cheese and sprinkle that over the eggs and sausage.  (I really like Swiss and Gruyere for breakfast dishes, but cheddar or monterey jack would also be delicious.  Use whatever you have!)

Breakfast Pizza~

Now just stick it into a 400-degree oven (directly on the rack is best for a nice, un-soggy crust) for about 6-8 minutes.  Since everything is already fully cooked, you just need the cheese to get all bubbly and the crust to turn golden brown.


Breakfast Pizza~

Use a pizza cutter to slice up this bad boy and then everybody can help themselves!

I am seriously craving this pizza now that I am resurrecting these memories and photos.   Did I mention this recipe is fat-free?  I didn’t?  Well that’s because it absolutely is NOT.  So that’s fun.

Hope you and your brunch guests enjoy this one!  It’s a winner :)




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