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Game Day Green Goddess Veggie Dip!

Super Bowl Parties rank among my top “Accidental Pig-Out Days” of the year.

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Anyone else have those???  Days you forgot to factor in when you said, “This is going to be a reeeeeally healthy and slimming month for me.”  (Okay, maybe I’m the only one who has months where I say that.)  Anyway, it seems there are always those random days throughout the year that sneak up and sabotage your healthy goals.  We all know Christmas, Thanksgiving, and your Birthday are going to be big calorie busters.  But we forget about seemingly innocent days like your husband’s birthday… or Office Potluck Day… or Easter (HELLO Reese’s Peanut Butter Eggs.)  Or how about just plain ol’ Mondays?  Not only do they trigger pig-outs because they flat-out suck… They are also the official “Girls Night In” for ladies everywhere! (I know how many of you get together to watch the Bachelor on Mondays… and don’t even pretend like brownies and raw cookie dough aren’t involved).

And then of course there’s Superbowl Sunday.  Ouch.  Year after year I’ve watched my good intentions be derailed by ten too many return-trips to the bowl of Buffalo Chicken Dip.


So I thought I’d share a little recipe I made for the big game today!

I always volunteer to bring a veggie tray to Superbowl Parties.  (It’s NEVER the only thing I bring, because seriously… how lame would I be if I did that?)  No no, I feel bad forcing others to buy into my healthy goals on Superbowl Day, so I always bring another more “fun” dish as well.

But I do like having the veggies there as an option, and I think others do too.  Having veggies available gives you the opportunity to load up your plate and do LOTS of munching throughout the game… without necessarily derailing your entire diet.  Veggies allow you to fill up while selecting moderate portions of the more “fun” options like wings, chili dogs, cheese dip… whatever your poison may be.


But veggies have to have dip.  Not only does it make them tastier, but your poor digestive system really does appreciate it.  Too many raw veggies can really do a number on your tummy!  It’s sooooo much better for your body if you pair them with a healthy fat.  Olive oil is great… Hummus is also yummy and great for you!

But one of my favorite dips for veggies is this healthy Green Goddess Dressing!


It is super yummy, addictive, and a calorie-steal at only 16 calories per tablespoon!

Give it a try sometime.  It will NOT disappoint.


Game-Day Green Goddess Veggie Dip

-1 medium Hass Avocado, sliced

-1 C. lowfat Greek Yogurt, plain

-4 T. grated Parmesan Cheese (canned is just fine)

-1 tsp. sea salt or 3/4 tsp. regular table salt

-1/2 tsp. black pepper

-1 tsp. garlic powder

-1 tsp. onion powder

-1 tsp. dried parsley

-2 T. fresh dill, roughly chopped

Add the spices and herbs to a mini food processor and pulse til they are finely ground.  Add in the avocado and yogurt, and pulse until the mixture is smooth.  Taste and adjust salt and pepper if desired.  Use as a dressing or dip for anything you like!  16 calories per Tablespoon.


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  2. Brittany Adams says:

    Hi Carissa!! I’ve been obsessed with your blog tonight and had a question. 😉 I’m going to try to start doing some dairy-free recipes because of Lily’s eczema issue that’s come up and I was wondering if you thought this recipe would be good minus the parmesan?

  3. Hi Brittany! I personally think the Parmesan is pretty important here. It mellows some of the sourness of the yogurt. And as for making it dairy-free, that would be pretty difficult since the bulk of this dip comes from yogurt. You could use similar herbs and spices but substitute avocado and puréed white beans for the body of the dip. It would taste different but still yummy!

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