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I like coffee.  You too?

Well, surprise… It’s actually great for your health! :)  In moderation, of course.  (I’ve been there/done that with caffeinated beverages… you know, where you need to drink them in order NOT to have a headache every day?)   You don’t want to become dependent!  But as long as you’re taking in a moderate amount of it (and not getting it in the form of a frozen caramel whipped cream javaccino or something), here are some of the benefits you can look forward to reaping from your coffee:

-More potassium than a banana.  For realsies!

-Reduced risk of dementia and Parkinson’s

-& Decreased risk of type 2 diabetes

… to name a few!


So here’s my tip for today.  If you love a hot cup of coffee in the morning but can’t exactly stomach the idea of adding skim milk instead of your favorite creamer… use evaporated milk!


Evaporated milk is found in the baking aisle of your grocery store and comes in both an original and “fat free” variety.  Both are a great alternative to sugary creamer or fatty heavy cream… and a heckuvah lot better-tasting than regular skim milk.  Evaporated milk is thick and rich without being too heavy, sugary, or fattening.

*Please Note~ Evaporated milk should not be confused with another quite popular canned milk item: Sweetened Condensed Milk.  Although that would be mighty tasty, it would NOT help your on your quest to slim down and tone up.

**Also Note~ As you can see from the photo, I went with the full-fat variety of evaporated milk, as opposed to the “fat free.”  I’d like to urge you to read Dr. Oz’s quote below on the benefits of low-fat dairy as opposed to fat-free.  It’s great food for thought, and might be a pleasant surprise to all you 2% lovers out there.

“The case against whole milk, condemned by some critics as nothing less than a glass of liquid fat, is more complex than it seems. It’s true that kids who drink a lot of whole milk drink a lot of calories, but milk can actually help control weight, since calcium binds with fat in the food digesting in your gut, meaning that you absorb less of that fat. Some studies have seen no significant difference among skim, low-fat and whole milk when it comes to weight control. 

What’s more, when you take all the fat out of milk, you’re left with too high a concentration of natural sugars, which interacts like candy with your hormones, especially insulin. The key, for all of these foods, is moderation. Consume more than 16 oz. (0.5 L) of whole milk (or any two servings of dairy) per day and the calorie load swamps the health benefits.”    — Dr. Oz


Happy Thursday to all!




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  1. Nothing beats a good cup of Joe. I always thought it had to be good for me. Glad to learn that it’s true!

  2. 3pastriesaday says:

    Ahh I LOVE my Keurig!!!! But I’ve never tried coffee with Evaporated Milk…will have to test it out!

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