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Five things I’ve made (and LOVED) this week!

Long time no see!!  As I write this it seems I’m in a blogging dry spell.  NOT for lack of cooking, I assure you, but mostly for lack of cooking anything I haven’t already showed you!  It seems I keep going back to my old favorites when a special occasion arises.

Take today for instance…

We had a potluck at church this morning.  A brunch potluck (which in my opinion is the best type of potluck!)  If your family is like mine, breakfast gets sadly overlooked in the hustle and bustle of a busy workweek.  And by the time Saturday rolls around, we wake up and it’s already lunchtime!  So our church’s quarterly brunch potluck is pretty much the only time I get to pull out my fancier breakfast recipes.

Enter… Bread Pudding!  This recipe couldn’t be any easier or any more versatile!  You save up various odds & ends of bread until you have a sheet pan’s worth.  You chunk em’ up, dry em’ out, and soak them in delicious (but not overly sweet) creamy custard.  Bake to puffy golden-ness and serve with real maple syrup!

This week (instead of the chocolate chip banana version you see in this recipe) I used blueberries and white chocolate… SUCH a winning combination.  I saved the large section on my paper plate for this bad-boy.  I highly recommend you make bread pudding the next chance you get!


And while we’re in a breakfast mood… let’s talk about these.  (My praises and thanks go out to Nicole & Trisha from Heat Oven to 350 for this gorgeous addition to my recipe repertoire.)

Strawberry Basil Scones.  Hello?!? My life is complete.

(Photo credits to Nicole as well.  I was too busy snarfing to snap a pic… oh and too busy NOT being a professional photographer. :))

I’d had this recipe bookmarked for weeks, and blessedly, last Saturday, I glanced around and realized: the time was there, the basil was there, and the strawberries were there!  So I went for it, and so should you.  This is an incredibly pleasant treat.  Not entirely sweet, but not exactly savory.  Just an enjoyable and addictive combination of the two.  My sweet-toothed husband liked them but asked me, “Can I request that next time you leave out the basil?”  And of course my answer was “Heck-no Techno!”   He’s so silly, that one.


Ok, let’s shift out of breakfast mode.

Most of the cooking I did in the past week centered around my lovely, charming, tell-it-like-it-is, hilarious, and amazingly caring sister, Mallory.  See, the young lass turned 21 last week.  And such an occassion (of course) called for mounds and mounds of delicious food!

~Photo credits to Zach Cheatham~

But that little scamp!  I’ll be darned if she didn’t choose the healthiest possible birthday meal on the planet!  Edamame?  Salmon?  Roasted veggies?  I felt more than a little guilty for the fact that when it’s my own birthday, my choices are usually along the lines of  “deep dish pizza and raw cookie dough.”

All jokes aside though… the meal was delicious.

Mustard-Roasted Salmon was the main course.  Make this, I tell you!  Make it!  It’s delectable.  (Oh and good for you… so, yeah… that’s a plus.)


On the side (along with the the edamame and roasted veggies) she requested this bread… which is the end-all/beat-all when it comes to bread in my househould.  My home-made Parmesan French Bread (handed down from culinary diva Angie Barnes.)  It’s a process, but an easy one.  And the bonus is that you get to smell yeasty bread rising all afternoon!


And last (but so far from least)… dessert!

Mallory chose Key Lime Cheesecake in lou of the traditional birthday cake, as well she should have.  What other dessert is more spectacular or more perfect for a special occasion?  It’s the most refreshing way to enjoy cheesecake.  The creamy richness is offset by delicious, tart lime.  And the whole experience is magnified by the addition of warm, fragrant vanilla bean.  It’s high-class, baby!



So there you have it… five things I’ve made this week and will probably make again and again for years to come.  That’s how you know they’re worth keeping :)


And I’m curious.  What did YOU make this week?  Do share!


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  1. Lorraine says:

    You have such a fantastic blog that I just have to follow along : ) Signing up for a subscription now.

    I am a ‘deep dish pizza and raw cookie dough’ dinner kind of person too!