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Strawberry Cupcakes… YUM!

The other night… I invented these cupcakes!


They were a lot like these cupcakes…but with a few twists!


You see, I made them for a friend/co-worker who had a birthday this week!  “Pink is her signature color“… (its all over her office.)  So I thought she needed some pink cupcakes to celebrate!

I started with the batter I use for my Perfect White Cake (but I added a few chopped up strawberries to the batter at the very end for fun!)

I also put a dollop of strawberry jam in the center of each.  Don’t judge… there is no such thing as going “too far” when it comes to cupcakes.

Here’s the method for doing that (this picture is from the raspberry cupcakes post, but the idea is the same.  And the result is life-changingly-delicious!)



The resulting cupcakes (made with strawberry jam this time) baked up lovely, luscious, and flecked with fresh berries!


For the icing… I did a variation on my White Chocolate Buttercream.  Instead of flavoring it with lemon, I made it into a cream cheese hybrid.

It starts with two ounces of melted white chocolate, cooled.


Then you add the following, beating well with an electric mixer:

-1 package of cream cheese (totally softened)

-1 stick of salted butter (totally softened)

-1/2 bag of powdered sugar (about 4 or 5 cups)

-1 tsp. vanilla

-a small pinch more salt

AND… a few more chopped up strawberries blended in at the very end!  (Not too many… you don’t want to water the icing down.)


The resulting icing is very creamy, soft, rich, and addictive!


I sent a dozen to work and kept a dozen at home!  And I’ve had one for dessert every day since.  SO scrumptious!

Make these for a pink-lover in your life!




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  2. These look delicious and I adore strawberries – maybe, to make the strawberry colour and flavour more intense use strawberry essence in cake and macerate strawberries, strain and purée strawberries before adding them to the frosting with a touch of red food colouring!
    Can’t wait – bookmarked recipe 😀

    • Sounds like a great addition for a more intense strawberry cake. This one was definitely vanilla with a hint of strawberry. I’ll have to go on a hunt for some strawberry essence, I’ve never used it before.

      Glad you stopped by!

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