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Tornadoes and Reader Requests.

This coming weekend was supposed to be busy.  I was supposed to be out of town.

But guess what?

I’m NOT going to be busy and I’m NOT going to be out of town.

I AM going to be at home, worrying about tornadic winds and damaging hail ravaging my vegetable garden.

See how my poor little tomatoes cry out for the winds and the rains to cease?   Leave them be!  Let them stand upright, for the love!

“We’re drowning in our own soil!”

(I’m being too dramatic though.  In light of what’s been going on in our region, I’m thanking the Lord I still have a roof and a husband.)


My potatoes, however….

They’re a little worn out from it all.

They were pummeled by the hail last night.  I’m hoping they’ll revive after these cursed April showers are finally gone.


But seeing as I’m going to be home after all this weekend…  I thought I’d call for a few reader requests for what I should cook and blog about!

Have you been hankering for a few more Main Dish options?


Are you looking for some more cute dessert ideas?

(I made these cupcakes tonight for a little birthday party we’re having at work tomorrow.)


Or maybe your fridge is picked over and you’re left with odds and ends you’re not sure how to use.  (Raspberries and BBQ sauce anyone?)

A great many of my recipes come about on a “Clean Out the Fridge Day.”


So what would you like to see this weekend?  I can’t guarantee I’ll comply (I mean, you KNOW how I get when I’ve got a hankerin’ of my own to contend with!  But I’m open to inspiration.)  You have reader requests to thank for these.


Oh, and these

We’re a cookie-lovin’ crowd, aren’t we?


 Let’s see what we can cook up this weekend, Pretty/Hungry Style!

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  1. Tiffany says:

    I hope you and Chris stay safe tonight and that your garden will make it! You have worked so hard on it for things to go bad. Now about your blog question: If you can’t cook it maybe some insight on something made with tomoato, squash, zucchini, onion, peppers (all colors)… these are my fav vegetables! not necessarily all combined in one dish just looking for new ideas …=) thanks Chef Carissa!

  2. Gina says:

    I would love to see your take on a cheesecake. I have tried and failed several times, but your step by step instructions have worked so well for me on the other recipes- that I would be willing to try it again, if you’ve got a good one up your sleeve. :)

  3. Syllogical says:

    I vote for a new main dish! I’ve been wanting more vegetarian dishes to make, but haven’t really sought them out. I’m not a huge fan of bell peppers (I know, it’s weird), but Courtney and I like most other veggies. Either that, or something with fish! I’d love a good salmon recipe for a special treat.

    Glad you are safe from the crazy storms; hope your garden stays safe too!

    • Syllogical says:

      This is Jason Drysdale, by the way. Thought it would post my name as well as the user name. >.<

  4. Jason… your gravatar helps fill in the gaps your username left, haha!

    And great idea! You’ve probably caught onto my hopeless partiality to desserts… but I love main dishes and I’m glad you lean toward the vegetarian side of things… I love meatless dishes too! (P.s. The last dish I posted is a great one!)

    I have two awesome salmon ideas I’l be sure to post next time I make them for Chris (which is like twice a week) and another meatless favorite of ours is a vegetable/feta frittata. I’ll post that one soon as well.

    This weekend though… its looking like a key lime cheese cake is in the cards :)

  5. Syllogical says:

    Ohhh man, key lime anything is my favorite dessert. Look forward to the recipe and the others you mentioned in the future!

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