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Cupcake Bite Nite!

I gotta tell ya… Girls’ Nights are the best!  They are where it’s at.

There’s nothing quite like kicking the husbands out for the evening, gathering together for a ridiculously hokey reality show, snacking on chocolate, and comparing who can share the craziest fart story about their husband.

What?  You don’t do that?

Neither do we.  (But okay… it may have come up a few weeks ago at our Monday night viewing of “The Bachelor.)

(Besides, I really can’t dish about my husband’s farting.  He graciously does not speak up in his own circles about who the real farter in our house is.)

HOW did I get so far off topic?  Let’s get out of this danger zone… and fast!

This week I invited the gals over for something a little different… a dessert decorating night!

We made Bakerella’s adoreable-as-can-be “Cupcake Bites” AND I attempted to teach the fine art of making buttercream flowers.  We ate most of the evidence though, so you won’t be seeing the flower cupcakes we made.  You can, however, view the lovely flower cupcakes I’ve made in the past if you so desire.  The gals all agreed… flowers are not as hard as the finished product would lead you to believe.  They are quite doable!  You just need a bit of practice to develop good control and pressure in piping the icing.


But since we ate the evidence of the flower cupcakes… let me instead gush a bit about how awesome and easy and FUN it was to make these little cupcake bites!


It is such a fun activity to do with friends.  Very interactive.  Very hands-on.  And yes, VERY rewarding.  Yum. :)

And I’m sure I don’t need to point out the endless possibilities for these stunning little treats.  They’d be perfection at a baby shower!  They are bite-sized, easy to carry, easy to eat, easy to serve.  Plus (and I mean, um, duh) they’re cute!  Or how about a child’s birthday party (tea party theme anyone?)  Who do you know that wouldn’t love to eat a little ball of cake and icing, dipped in a magically melty candy coating?

I just purchased a few special things for decorations… Look how cute these mini-cherries look!  (They’re red Sixlet candies.)


And how about these shiny pastel sprinkles?  Totally cute.


I also really liked the look of the brown sprinkles on the pink candy coating.  (Anyone else sorta hate the name “jimmies”?)  You have to look waaaay back at the last cupcake in this picture to see the brown-sprinkled cupcake… but I really love that one.


So how do you make these?

It’s easy.  Really.

Here’s what’cha need:

-1 1/2″ candy papers (they look like cupcake papers, but smaller… like the wrapper you peel off a mini-Reeses cup.)

-Candy melts!  These kind are not Wilton. Not that I have anything against Wilton products.  Ah-hem. (White and brown look very good as the “wrapper” part.  Pink, purple, white, blue, yellow, whatever you like looks great on the top!)

-Fun sprinkles!

-A plain old cake baked in whatever size pan you have

-Icing (canned… home-made… it don’t make no difference!)


The Procedure:

-Crumble the cake into a large mixing bowl.

-Spoon in a can of icing and mix until incorporated.

-Roll into balls.  (Golf ball sized.)

-Melt brown or white candy melts.  (20 second increments, stirring well in between, until smooth and melted.)

-Spoon candy coating into each candy wrapper, filling it almost halfway.  (Don’t skimp!)

-Push each cake ball into the wrappers… allowing the candy coating below to climb up the sides of the wrapper and cover the bottom half of the cake ball.

-When candy coating has hardened, melt another color (for the “frosting” part) and dip each cupcake bit upside down into the coating.  (It looks really good if you allow a few dribbles to form.  I also like just spooning it onto the top instead of dipping.)

-Decorate with sprinkles!

-When the candy coating on both top and bottom is completely hardened, peel off the candy wrappers and serve!  They look like perfectly formed little mini-cupcakes!


And they taste… I believe the word would be sinful.  In a very good way.

Try this with your mother-in-law, your daughter, your sister, your significant other.  It’s just too fun :)  Oh, and send me a picture if you make them because I just love to ooh and ahh over things like this.

Love ya!  Happy Weekend!


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  1. whitney says:

    Fun idea- I love cake balls, so this recipe is a keeper!!

  2. leighbakes says:

    So cute! When I first saw the photo, I thought they were little toys made of plastic–so shiny and metallic-y! But I love that they’re the real deal. Makes me wanna take a bite.

  3. Hi! For one I love your blog and how creative you are with your baking. I was actually wondering if you buy your candy papers at the grocery or a specialty baking store? I live in a pretty big city and cannot find them anywhere! Thanks!

    • I found the candy papers at a baking store here in Little Rock called Vanness. I have seen them online before though, so that might be your best bet! Happy baking!

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