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A Review…

The folks over at POM Wonderful have made me one wonderfully happy camper… so I thought I’d share the love and provide for you a little product review!




Do you realize what these are?  Do you realize what this means?   These are pomegranate seeds.  Not just pomegranate seeds, but pomegranate seeds already extracted from the pomegranate!


Have you ever tried extracting the seeds from a pomegranate?


Not to say it can’t be enjoyable in it’s own way.  (Sorta the “labor of love” philosophy I guess.)  But let me tell ya, they’re pesky!  Don’t be shocked if you find yourself covered in the ruby red juices by the time you’ve obtained a few precious tablespoonfulls of these little treasures.


And what’s more: Pomegranates ain’t cheap!  At least not in my neck of the woods!  At my regular grocery store I can expect to pay about two bucks for one sickly looking pomegranate and get maybe 4-6 oz. of seeds from it if I’m lucky.  This handy little two-pack  (which I got at Sam’s for $7.99) comes with two 8-oz. bowls of luscious arils, and (best of all) none of the hassle!  Each and every seed is plump, juicy, and outta-this world delicious.  :)


And since you’re likely to want to make these last as looonnnnng as possible, they even throw in a handy little lid.  So not only are they quick and easy to store but they are totally portable!


And for all you naturalists out there who (like me) don’t prefer to buy your apples pre-sliced or your garlic pre-minced… these have absolutely NOTHING added to them.  All you’ll find when open up the lid is pure pomegranate seeds in their own juice.  Period.  I like that.  Thanks POM people.


How do you use pomegranate seeds in cooking?  I’m so glad you asked!  They’re lovely on salads, dynamite added to sauces and glazes for meats, scrumptious on ice cream, delightful in yogurt, and (my personal favorite application…) the BEST added to your morning oatmeal!


Oh, and I almost forgot my other favorite way to eat them…

Straight up by the hand-full!  YUM.


My weekday lunch box just got a jazzy new addition and it is the POM Fresh Arils ready-to-eat bowl!


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5 Responses so far.

  1. I love pomegranate with a passion – I agree about oatmeal. I used to sit on the floor of my mother’s bedroom with a large towel over me and a bowl, peeling out the seeds with glee.

  2. Aunt Carolyn says:

    Good to know, Carissa. I just was reading earlier this week about how GREAT pomegranate seeds are for you, and SO. . . .I will be heading over to Sam’s sometime this week (it’s an hour drive for me!) Thanks for sharing . . .Love you!

    • A lady at my work had brought a bowl of these and stuck it in the fridge, and as soon as I found out where she got them I headed straight to Sam’s myself! Sorry it’s so far for you :( You’ll have to a get a couple two-packs so they last you longer!

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