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Decorating Class…

Hello Friends!

I don’t believe I’ve told you this yet, but I’ve signed up for a fun little decorating class at Michael’s.

The plan is to learn the fine art of flower-making using things such as fondant, gum paste, buttercream, and royal icing.  It’s also a nice little weekly escape to enjoy with girlfriends.

Now, I’m one class in and already I’m feeling bad because I’m a bit rebellious as a student!  Particularly, it seems, in this area.  Actually I’ve always hated doing my homework and preparatory reading… highschool AND college… but my reasons for rebellion in this class are different.  In this class, I find myself trying to squeak through each lesson buying as few of the supplies off the list as possible.

Ya see, I have this thing against Wilton.  You know… Wilton… the international cake decorating corporation/devourer of innocent bakers the world over?  Basically, in my humble opinion, Wilton is “the man” of the cake decorating world.  And it seems I’ve made it my mission to “stick it to em” as much as one human possibly can.

Why?  Because they make you believe you actually need a thirty-dollar 10-pack of ball tools in order to make a proper flower petal, or that you can’t live without a plastic pastry bag holder or set of rubber pastry tip covers.  Perhaps their most heinous criminal attempt to-date would have to be their $200 set of decorating doo-dads and whatcha-macallits… when, come on, we ALL know about half of this junk going to get used once and then find a permanent home clanking around in the utensil drawer.  Or, more likely, on the table in your next garage sale.

Already in the class I’ve seen girls use certain supplies they bought from the supply list and say, “I don’t really like how that flower looks… I probably wont ever make that one.”  Well, I bet you’re really glad you bought the button-flower punch, aren’t ya?  Thanks, Wilton!  For royally ripping me off.

Sadly, though, I’ve also seen girls look at the catalog and say, “Oh I really need to get this.”  Inwardly, I cringe… Wilton strikes again.  A sucker punch to the kidney… “You’ll never make pretty leaves without us.  You need us.  We’re monopolizing the cake industry and we say you need this leaf stencil.” Just leave us alone, Wilton.

Me?  I say give me a quart-sized ziplock and any old pastry tip, and I’m ready to create!  Wilton can keep their ultimate cake leveler, their over-priced food coloring, their ribbon cutter embossing set!  I’d rather eat a ball of gum paste than contribute another dime to their evil machine.  And trust me, I do NOT want to eat a ball of gum paste.  Look at it!  It looks like a bright orange butt made out of play-doh.  And it stinks to high heaven.  (Well, at least the Wilton brand does.)


On that note… anyone know of a brand of Meringue Powder that isn’t you-know-who?  I had to buy some today and dog-gonnit if Wilton wasn’t the only kind they had!!  Yes, I went ahead and bought it.  I had to… I needed it!  It’s all a part of their dastardly plan.  But I did get the smallest size.

Any other haters out there?  Holler at me if you think Wilton should go stick its head in a KitchenAid (speed #10)!



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  1. Jamie says:

    I’m not necessarily a Wilton-hater (actually I swear by their candy melts!) but I can sympathize with over-priced and unnecessary kitchen tool clutter. I saw this on another blog recently, looks like you aren’t the only one who isn’t into Wilton meringue powder: http://bakeat350.blogspot.com/2011/01/meringue-powder-works-for-me-wednesday.html

  2. I will likely be purchasing their candy melts for an upcoming decorating party I’m having. (We’ll definitely be trying out some of your cake-pop ideas!) But at least those wont be clanging around in my utensil drawer after the fact. :) It’s mostly the 30-item supply list for this class I have a problem with. Thanks for the tip on the meringue powder!

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  5. Terri Allen says:

    I’m with you Sista! Wilton gets under my skin. Regarding the meringue powder, I looked in my pantry and found I have two cans. One is Wilton brand the other I purchased at the local bakery supply. Since I discovered my bakery supply house I haven’t looked back at Michael’s or JoAnn’s for my baking and decorating needs. They offer a huge selection of products for every skill level of baking and have certainly upped my game. The service there is incredible and they actually take the time to explain the products and offer help if you are trying something new. The prices are much better also. Hope you have one near you. Thanks for the Beatty’s Chocolate Cake x 1.5 recipe.

    • Sure thing!

      I’ll have to look in the phone book for a bakery supply store. We have a neat little specialty store here that actually carries brands besides Wilton (shock!) but I wouldn’t say their stuff is any cheaper. Thanks for the tip!

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  7. […] or a mother-daughter outing.  I definitely recommend them, although if you care to read my synopsis of the Cake Decorating Class, you’ll find I’m a bit disenchanted with a certain cake decorating brand which I […]