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My FAVORITE Ginger Cookie Recipe

Its Holiday Time.

It’s Holiday Time and I’ve just come up for air after an intense week of studying for the Series 6 exam.  (Don’t be deceived.  There were MANY intense weeks leading up to now.  This one was just the worst.  I had no thoughts other than stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and retirement plans.  Oh and being cranky with my husband for reasons I no longer remember now that the stress is gone.)

Good news, I passed!  And you know what that means…

Cookie Time!


Its about time I shared this recipe with you!  Its probably my absolute favorite Christmas-time addiction!  My best friend has requested I post it… my cousin has asked for the recipe… and my anti-cooking sister has requested that I bring these home for Christmas.  Clearly, you need to know how to make these cookies.

The best thing about them is their warmth.  They’re warm even when they’ve cooled!  Its the magic of ginger, people!

Start by gathering…

-1 C. sugar

-3/4 C. canola oil

-1 egg

-1/4 C. molasses or honey (or a mix of both!)

-2 C. flour (1 soft white wheat, and 1 unbleached all purpose white)  (OR whatever kind you have!)

-2 t. baking soda

-1/2 T. ground ginger

-1 t. cinnamon

-1/2 t. salt

-2-3 ounces white chocolate + 1/2 t. shortening


This recipe came to me from one of my biggest cooking influences… someone very near and dear to me… Angie Barnes!

Some of you know that my mom passed away when I was 11, so she didn’t have much time to pass her cooking know-how on to me.  She did, however, let me help her in the kitchen as much as possible from a very young age.  She’d let me play and make whatever I wanted, even if I didn’t know how and ended up wasting all her vanilla hoping it would make my bread taste as good as the vanilla smelled.  She never interfered… she just let me create!  To this day, I am sure that’s the reason cooking is so fun and creative for me.  It’s joy.  Its inventive.  There are no mistakes.  If it tastes bad, at least ya had fun doing it!

After that, most of my cooking-knowledge was either self-taught… or passed on to me in the inviting second home that is Angie’s kitchen.  Since her “recipes” are often very inexact (a handfull of this… and anything else you need to get rid of in the fridge), it was always better for her to show me rather than write it down.

Creative cooking!  Can’t beat it, I say!  Its the way I learned and its the way I love!


This recipe is pretty straight-forward though. :) So first combine the sugar and oil in a medium bowl…


Then add in the egg!   Mix well with a fork or whisk.



Then add in the molasses and honey!  (I used a bit of both.)




So easy!

Now, in another (larger) bowl, combine all the dry ingredients.


And just pour in the rich, molassesy, wet-ingredient mixture.   Use a fork to combine into a nice dough.



Now, I like LARGE and chewy gingersnap cookies.

So I get out my trusty cookie-scoop-thingy, and I make sure every ball of dough I make is a heaping scoop.

Like this!


And heck… its the Holidays!  Roll those babies in sugar!


Then place them evenly on a cookie sheet.

Make sure they have plenty of room to spread out!


Bake in a 350-degree oven for about 10 minutes.

You’ll want to take them out right as they begin to brown, but before they look totally done.  Cookies always bake a little more on the pan after you take them out.  (Fun little factoid there.)

Here they are right when I pulled them out… still a bit puffy.


And here they are after a minute or two.  They’ve deflated a bit and formed lovely little crevices!


And now we’ve come to a point in this post where we need to pause ever so breifly.

I need you to understand something.

I need you to understand that the addition of white chocolate to these cookies IS NOT an option.  It is mandatory.

You might notice that the original recipe is called “Dipped Gingersnaps.”  That is because the original cookies (as Angie taught them to me) are dipped, rather than drizzled, in white chocolate.  Very decadent and delicious.

The reason I drizzle instead is because I always end up breaking the soft, tender cookies when I try to dip them in a bowl of chocolate.  I also always wish the chocolate were on the whole cookie instead of just half.  Hence, the drizzle idea was born.

So take two or three ounces of white chocolate (I used one because I refrigerated half this dough and only made eight cookies) and melt them in the microwave along with a little Crisco.


(Just melt it in 15-second increments to prevent burning.  And stir frequently!)

Once its melted, spoon it into a small plastic Zip-lock bag.


Snip a teensy little hole in the corner…


And drizzle away!


You’ll notice I got a little carried away with the drizzling pictures.  Can’t help it!  I love the drizzle!




So there you go, kids!

I promise you… it’s impossible to eat just one.  They become more and more addictive with every bite.  They make a bad day good and a good day better!  And they sure work if you’re trying to get a nasty, lengthy, Series 6 exam as far out of your mind as possible.

Mmmm.  Happy Holiday Baking!  And much love from me to you and yours :)


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  1. I’m excited to try these, they look DELICIOUS! Glad to have a post from you again, seems like it’s been a while! :) Probably because you were studying! Glad you passed…congrats!

  2. Beth says:

    On the agenda for TOMORROW! THANKS!

  3. Lindleigh says:

    These look so delicious, I will make them tommorow. I love reading your blog!

  4. Michal says:

    I tried these last week and loved them! Ginger is one of my favorite flavors. My neighbor came over to pick up her dog who we were sitting and tried them and she loved them as well. She asked for the recipe and I directed her to your site. She’s making them for her family holiday celebration. Thanks for sharing!

    • Oooh… thank you for passing it on! I WISH there was a place for comments on your Tumblr page because your craft are so amazing! I envy the patience and creativity you have and (especially) the pay-off of all those gorgeous hand-made things you end up with. Your quilts are WOW.

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