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I am about to tell you something preposterous

I am not cooking a Thanksgiving Dinner.

I can’t even believe it myself!

And not only am I NOT cooking a Thanksgiving dinner… I’m not even contributing to a Thanksgiving dinner.  Is the world turning backwards?  How did this happen?

Crazily enough… this being my second Thanksgiving as a married woman, I am celebrating this year with my husband’s family and haven’t been asked to cook, well… ANYthing!  I hardly know what to do with myself.

Want to see what I cooked this weekend?


And they were for Thanksgiving Lunch at my office!  So not only am I cooking nothing on the big day, but I was relegated to THE CRANBERRIES for the office party.  I find this all very humerous.


Oh, and I also cooked one more thing this weekend.

Exciting, huh?

I thought you’d think so.


You might even be wondering why I bothered to photograph these two very mundane things in the first place.

Well, for one thing… I thought the bright red cranberries and the varied shades of the eggs were pretty.

But second and more importantly… I finally got my camera back from the Nikon service center!  I’ve been lost without it.  Every time I’d get the urge to cook and blog and realize that I’d be stuck using my husband’s I-phone… it would completely deflate my balloon.

So if you’ve wondered why the new recipes have temporarily ceased over the past few weeks… you now know it was because I was a deflated balloon sitting in my home with no way to show you what I’ve been cooking.


I’m back now!  And dog-gonnit if I haven’t decided I’m going to contribute to Thanksgiving ANYway!  And I plan to make a chocolate pistachio tart.  I ate one this weekend at The Worman House at Big Cedar Lodge in Ridgedale, MO and it rocked my world!  Rocked it.  And I have no idea how to make one but that sure won’t stop me.

Can’t wait to have you along for the ride. :)

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  1. Jamie says:

    I had to send my camera in for repairs once, it felt like I was missing an arm! Glad you have yours back :) Good Luck with the tarts (chocolate and pistachio- yum) and Happy Thanksgiving!

  2. Seriously! They keep them forever! And they sent mine back the first time in the exact same condition (not working.) Its so good to have it back. As we speak, I’m compiling various recipes to create a chocolate pistachio tart like the one I ate. Can’t wait to make it. Happy Thanksgiving to you too and I hope you’re getting to do more cooking that I am!