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S’mores Cookies


I am a sucker for Ghirardelli dark chocolate.

And also for soft, chewy cookies.

But truth be told, as much as I LOVE to bake… I don’t always see a need to bake my own cookies.  The Tollhouse Ultimates pre-made dough varieties are so awesomely ultimate, I often don’t bother.

The only times I do bother are when I’ve found a recipe different enough that Tollhouse and Pillsbury don’t offer it pre-made… OR I invent one in my head that Tollhouse and Pillsbury don’t offer.

This is just such a recipe!  I saw one similar to it somewhere online and decided to make it.  When I couldn’t find it the next time I looked, I made up my own version… and that is what you have here!

Carissa’s S’mores Cookies!


You will need…

-1 C. graham cracker crumbs     -1 C. soft white wheat flour     -3/4 C. all-purpose flour

-1 t. baking soda     -1 t. salt     -3/4 C. white sugar     -3/4 C. brown sugar

-1 stick (softened) butter     -1/2 C. butter-flavored Crisco     -2 eggs     -1 t. vanilla

-1 1/2 C. Ghirardelli (60% cacao) chocolate chips -1 1/2 C. small marshmallows


By the way, if all you have is white flour, you don’t have to go out and buy soft white wheat.  But it does add a smidgen of nutritional value to this otherwise rather decadent dessert.  (And hey, if you eat four cookies (like I did) you get quadruple the amount of fiber… which as we know… helps ya you-know-what.)


Dump the flours, crumbs, baking soda, and salt into a medium-ish bowl.


You could sift them… but I usually don’t.  My sifter is behind too many other things in my cabinet.

Whisk them or stir them with a fork to combine and remove any lumps.


Now, park a larger bowl next door and throw in your softened butter and your shortening.


And grab a hand-mixer and cream them to combine.  Not too long… or the butter will heat up too much.

I don’t dirty up my stand mixer for things like this.  It ain’t worth it!!  I inevitably splash flour and batter all over the thing and end up cleaning the bowl, the paddle, and every surface of the stand part.  By hand!!


Now add in the sugars and cream them together with the butter and shortening as well.



Now add in the eggs and vanilla!  Mix those in as well, until combined.



At this point (or before) go ahead and pre-heat your oven to 375.  Mine takes a few minutes to warm up.


Then go ahead and add the dry ingredients to the wet mixture and mix to combine.  I dumped mine in all at once.  Some recipes say to do it gradually, but I’ve never really understood that.  It never makes a difference that I’ve noticed.



Now comes the BEST part.

Add those amaaaaaaazing oversized dark chocolate chips.

And those marshmallows.  Yum. Yum Yum.  Hard to resist.  Especially when you bake half this dough and stick the rest in the fridge.  The cold dough is SO good.


Stir the chips and mallows into the dough gently.

Ohhhhh man.  This is why I don’t do this more often.  I don’t have the willpower.


Now scoop out heaping scoops of the dough onto a cookie sheet (and give them plenty of space because they spread!)

Aren’t these pretty?


And bake them for ten minutes!

Here they are mid-way through.



The trick with cookies is to pull them out before they look DONE-done.  They should look almost done.

Like this.


And then as they sit… the latent heat will finish cooking them a bit.


Here they are a few minutes later.

They are very brown but by NO means are they burnt.  They are chewy as can be.  The brown color comes from the graham cracker crumbs and wheat flour.


These babies are scrumptious!  And they taste just like a S’more.

Try this recipe out and see for yourself.  I’m enjoying one as we speak. :)

12 Responses so far.

  1. Kim says:

    these look DELICIOUS!!! i’ll have to try it out.

    also… one of my favorite parts of your posts is how pretty all your ingredients look laid out pre-baking :)

  2. Kendra Durrington says:

    Was the choice of the word “dump” just coincidence??!

  3. Miss Gisella says:

    I SO love this recipe! sounds delicious… I just don’t know what the shortening is? do you know what it would be in Spanish?

  4. Can’t wait to try these…my mouth is watering!!!!

  5. Jamie says:

    I just found your site through a comment you left on my blog… and WOW these cookies sound delicious! I’m adding you to my reader right now :)

  6. lilia says:

    Hi there!

    i just found your site and have gone through all your posts marking my fave ones. There’s a lot! and also added you to my reader :) I tried this recipe this morning and had a couple of questions, for the brown sugar and graham cracker crumbs , are they packed in the cup or are they loose? i packed mine in the cups and the dough came out a drier than yours, the final cookies still tasted great, but I just wanted to know. Also, i used regular Crisco instead of the butter flavored one, does this change the taste of the cookies? Mine came out tasting more like chocolate chip cookies than anything.


    • I packed my 3/4 C. brown sugar but not the graham cracker crumbs… you can do a scant cup or even 3/4 C. of those of you want to moisten up the dough a bit. If that doesn’t work you could try an extra tablespoon of Crisco.
      And yes, they strongly resemble regular chocolate chip cookies. The Graham Cracker flavor is subtle.
      And I DO love butter-flavored Crisco, but it won’t make a ton of difference if you don’t have it, since the recipe contains butter also.
      Glad you’re enjoying the recipes! Hope the cooking continues to go well and Happy Holidays!

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